The way to success and peace is within your ability to realize who you are

Caring and being kind is the first thought you need
You have a choice every moment of your life
Pensioner for Pensioner’s
Caring Sharing Saving

This is to take the fear out of Health

Wealth & welfare we share the answer

You need a phone number for ID

We will meet where & when convenient to suit you

We care for people’s health & welfare

            We learn about decision making and sharing

We share opportunities and social activities

There is so much to be realized

To assist everyone in the field of

loneliness depression & suicide

Helping you when you have a departed

Companion go to the pearly gates

This is a great opportunity for you to learn

 and share your thoughts & opinion

         There are a lot more health issues to be understood

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This is a no fee for you to have a voice

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